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1st Internacional Congress:
Change in Arab World

13th and 14th December 2012.
Complutense University of Madrid      
Director Dra. Paloma González Gómez del Miño

“Impact and Prospects of Arab Spring”



The scientific goal of the "1st International Congress: Change in Arab World”, focuses on the study of the Arab Spring is trying to analyze their impact on the regional area and the international community through various scientific disciplines. The Congress is linked to a research project granted by the Spanish Agency for Development Cooperation (AECID) from the Complutense University of Madrid and Cairo University. The central objective of this Congress is the scientific study of the events that have been develope since 2011 of the so-called Arab Spring in the stage of the Maghreb countries and the Middle East, offering a panorama of common  and specific factors. In this logic, the Congress is designed with a multidisciplinary response to various subject areas.

Important Dates:

-         Celebration of Congress: 13rd and 14rd december, 2012.
-         Deadline for registration: 10 of december,  2012.
-         Abstract proposals: 29 of octuber,  2012.
-     Date of notification regarding acceptance of abstracts: 30 of octuber 2012. The abstracts should attached as a word document, with the format: authorname.doc Please indicate Abstract in the subject line in your e-mail.
-         Paper submission deadline: 30 of november, 2012.

Suggested topics:

1. Processes of change in the Arab Spring.
2. Political transition, democracy and governance.
3. Social movements and media.
4. Political Islam.
5. Internal actors.
6. External actors and international relations.
7. Security and Cooperation
8. Dynamic economic and development
9. Religious and cultural identities.
10. Literature, Philosophy and Arabic culture.

Congress: registration and fees
Can participate:  academics, diplomats, researchers and specialists in the mentioned  areas.
You can participate in two ways:

  • As a Speaker: Proposing free papers according to the subject areas.
  • As a Listener: Attending lectures and panels as you think necessary.

Participation as a speaker

To participate as a speaker must submit the following duly completed form to the email address of Congress: CIMAC.I.2012 @ until 22th
 October, 2012. Papers can be submitted in Spanish, English and Arabic.
Date of notification regarding acceptance of abstracts:
Acceptance of papers will be published in the website of the Congress on 29th October 2012.
Paper submission deadline:
Once the abstracts will be accepted, the deadline for submission of final papers will be a maximum at 
30 of November 2012.

Content standards of the presentations:

• The papers will be contain the title.
• On the first page, below the title, becoming the author's name, title and the institution.
• All papers will included in the first page, an abstract (maximum 200 words) and 5 keywords. Both written in Spanish and English. For works written in Arabic, will proceed in the same way, written in Arabic and English.
• The papers will include an introduction, theme, conclusions and bibliography. The listing of the entries will be in Roman numerals.
• The bibliography will include at the end of the presentation and will be ordered alphabetically, differentiating between: books, articles, academic papers, publications, networking, among others.
• The pages of the papers must be numbered.
• The text of the papers must be written in impersonal style.
• Do not accept those papers that do not meet the standards set

Style guidelines of the presentations:

• Extension. The papers will have a minimum of 5,000 words and a maximum of 10,000, including bibliography.
• Font: Times New Roman 12. Spacing 1.5.
• All paragraphs should be indented 0.63, in the first line.
• The margins of the papers will be: 2.5 cm. (Top and bottom) and 3cm. (Right and left), justified. Header and footer 1.25.
• Citations: Harvard style. To cite an author, will parentheses, the author's name and year of publication of the work, separated by a comma: (Huntington, 2005). To make a direct quote is written in brackets, the author's name and year of publication of the work, separated by a comma, followed by a colon and the page number.


a) Books.
Author's last name uppercase, author's name. (Year) Title of the book. Publisher, City.
b) Book chapters.
Author's last name uppercase, author's name. (Year) "Title of chapter" in uppercase COORDINATOR SURNAME, Name. Title of book. Publisher, City, pages.
c) items.
Author's last name uppercase, author's name. (Year) "Title of article", in Journal name, volume, number, month, pages.

Participation audience or students

To participate as assistant shall submit the following form, duly completed, to the email address of the Congress: y CIMAC.I.2012 @ dealine 10 of december 2012. All listeners will receive a certificate of attendance.

Conference fees include registration, materials, tea and coffee. The following different fees apply:

·        Registration for speakesr: 60 €
·        Registration for audience or students: 30 €

Process Registration

In order to register, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the bank and make the payment. Make sure your name is associated to the payment.
Branch Name: Fundación General UCM
                        Bank Name:                CAJA MADRID
                        Adress:                        Donoso Cortés, 80 / 28015 Madrid
                        SWIFT:                       CAHMESMMXXX
                        IBAN:                         ES90
                        Account Number:        2038/1735/91/6000402693

2. Download and fill the registration form. Attach a copy slip from the payment.
3. Send the registration form and the copy slip from the payment to the e-mail: Fax: +00 34 91 394 6405, E-mail: and

Additional information:

• Free Elective credits. It is negotiating to obtain credits of free configuration, both conference attendance for students official teachings of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. (Processing with the Chancellor).

• The presentation of the papers should not exceed 15 minutes.

• In the event, if a speaker can not perform, for reasons of force majeure, isn´t  possible that the presentation wore  made by a person other than the author. The rapporteur should be notified as swiftly as possible to the Organizing Committee to modify the program.

• For further information and documentation required, those interested can apply via email: CIMAC.I.2012@

Faculty of Political Science and Sociology. Campus de Somosaguas, s / n, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid). Spain.
Hits: Light Metro: Line ML2 (Somosaguas Campus).
Buses: A (From Moncloa), H (From Aluche )

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